Prevention of Lung Disease

Prevention of Lung Disease:

PREVENTION OF  BREATHING BREAKDOWNS:It is hardly surprising that the statistics on the  lung disease are sobering. Between the  genetics, air pollution, cleaning solutions, smoking, sitting and sleeping  disorders, our delicate lungs are under the  constant siege. Some of risk factors may be unavoidable, but is  a bit of basic knowledge and the  prevention that  can help in  thwart these endless threats to our health and well-breathing.

Learn  Tips  and  Techniques  to  Keep  Your

 Airways  in  Peak  Condition:
  Smoking that damages your healthy  lungs and can increases the  risk for number of diseases including lung cancer and COPD. This is because of combustion of other materials  which releases the harmful substances in your lungs (toxins and carcinogens). If you are still smoking, it will be too late to quit. Learn more about and  how to quit including the many effective medications and some  smoking cessation programs that will work.
 Teach for your kids about the danger of smoking  and be a role model to them by not smoking or by committing it to quit.
 Taking the smoke from the cigarettes and the pipes boosts that will promote the risk for the same diseases that affect harmfully for the   people who smoke. Do not  allow the  people smoking in your home, in the car, or at work places Clean your carpets neatly . Paint the walls at homes with the  low VOC paints. Rent the smoke-free hotel rooms.
. Wash thoroughly  your hands with soap and water several times in a day to keep germs at bay an to avoid most of the common infectious diseases that are spread easily  by hand. Learn Expert HandWashing.
 It  helps in stopping the spread of germs, cover your mouth and nose with a mild  tissue when you cough or sneeze. Stay away from the  crowds during peak cold and flu season, get a  plenty of rest, eat well and then  keep your stress levels under the control.
 This  particulate matter in using  wood and waste can be seriously damage your  healthy lungs. If possible, switch to a cleaner burning gas or wood stove or put in an electronic fireplace or gas insert.

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