Finger Millet For Weight Loss

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Ragi / Finger Millet For Weight Loss

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Ragi / Finger Millet For Weight Loss

Ragi or finger millet cultivated in the Asia and African countries. Its is one of the best nutritional food and is a great source to extract adequate energy.

It is also a fat cereal, and then most of the fats are in the unsaturated form. Ragi is a complete multi-nutritional food supplement which is highly rich in calcium, protein, fibre, and then other minerals.

People in south India can consume ragi as their staple diet. They can gain their strength through Ragi can porridge, which is a treat to eat.

There are some multitudes of health benefits that you can optimate. And ragi is now here a lousy option as it is a high fibre grain

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Ragi

1.Helps in bone development:

  • This cereal is highly beneficial for growing children.
  • And then older people who can require a constant supply of the calcium.
  • Consumption of Ragi can prevent fractures and osteoporosis as it helps in maintaining bones very healthy.
  • The calcium is abundant in the grain helps maintain full health for the women as well.

2.Ragi for losing weight:

  • Ragi also contains an amino acid.
  • Which is called Tryptophan which can lower appetite and helps in maintaining weight.
  • It gets digested at a slower rate, thus helps in keeping the stomach filled for the long hours.
  • It helps in maintaining a distance from taking excessive over diet.

3.Aid for people with diabetes:

  • Finger millet is better for the patients who are suffering from diabetic.
  • As they contain a high amount of fibre than rice and then wheat.
  • It has a lower glycemic response, I.e. lower ability to increase the sugar levels in the blood.


  • Ragi is an excellent source of original content for iron.
  • Most women are seen to be victimised by the anaemia, and so it is a blended source for them.

5.Reduces blood cholesterol:

  • It contains the amino acids.
  • Which help in bringing down the cholesterol level by eliminating excess fat from liver defence Jobs.

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