How To Relieve Gas Fast

5 Home Remedies for Gastric Troubles, How To Relieve Gas Fast

Home Remedies for Gastric Troubles: Eating more amount of junk food, not eating on proper time and then unhealthy lifestyle that will contribute to so many gastric problems you may take over the counter medications for this problem but they have their side effects.

So here there are some natural home remedies to get relief from the gastric troubles naturally and easily.

5 Home Remedies for Gastric Troubles

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • You would have a probably heard this a lot of time “an apple a day that can keep the doctor far away”.
  • Apple cider vinegar can works very well in case of gas in the stomach.
  • Drink the apple cider vinegar that can be mixed in a glass of water to get instant relief in gastric problems.

2. Mint:

  • It is a boon to the good health of your Mother Nature.
  • It used as a more effective remedy against many health problems.
  • In case of severe pain in the stomach due to gas, it works wonders.
  • Take 1 tsp of mint tea, mint juice or eat mint chutney to get rid of the gas.

3. Lemon:

  • To fight gas for our third remedy is a piece of lemon.
  • Lemon used in many ways.
  • Drinking of lemon water or lemon tea is the better way to get some relief from the gastric trouble.
  • Adding a pinch of cumin powder, black salt, Ajwain to the lemon water makes an excellent drink for the gastric problems.

4. Buttermilk:

  • Not only it as the tastes good, but it may also have many health benefits.
  • It is handy for the home remedy against gas.
  • In case of gas intake, a pinch of roasted cumin powder, black salt will be well mixed in the buttermilk to get pain relief from the gastric troubles, and it also helps in improving the digestion.

5. Ajwain:

  • Not only it gives comfort from the gas, but it is a very effective remedy against pain in the abdomen.
  • Take a teaspoon of Ajwain with atleast one glass of warm water.
  • There will be relieved in the stomach pain and also considered as an effective remedy against stomach worms.

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