5 Foods That May Help with Curb Depression

5 Foods That May Help with Curb Depression

Women are also  taking over the world and how! Being  it the corporate sector, education or the sports there is just no stopping the women achievers, but to this bright side of affairs there is also having  a dark side which involves the excessive pressure caused by changing societal roles and the stress by which they have multiple responsibilities. According to the  latest study, this stress and anxiety is rapidly contributing to the rising cases of depression amongst women who are succumbing to death sooner than before.
The study is mainly  published in CMAJ revealed that the risk of death associated with  in the depression appeared very  strongest in the years following a depressive episode.
“During the recent years in which women’s risk of death increased very significantly, many  roles have changed dramatically both at in home and in the workplace, and many women should have  multiple responsibilities and also expectations,” said Ian Colman from the University of Ottawa. 
The team discovered that the lifespan for  the young adults with depression at the age of  25 was markedly shorter over the 60-year period — the lifespan is too shortened ranging from 10 to 12 fewer years of life, then also  four to seven years and later seven to 18 fewer years of life. 
“At first the association has been limited to the  men, but in later years it was seen for women as well,” said Mr. Stephen Gilman from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Maryland, US. 
For the study, the team has analyzed the 60 years of mental health data on 3410 adults from a region in Atlantic Canada and linked the data to deaths in the Canadian Mortality Database. 
Though this depression they  have  also been linked with poorer diet,due to  lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption – Most of these factors can be  resulted in chronic health conditions –but further may  study and research needs to be done by  finding out if any of these factors have a direct link to the rising trend of early deaths. 
The researchers said that their  family  physicians should  be monitored  the patients for mood disturbances, especially recurrent episodes of depression for immediate treatment and care.
You are what you eat and your diet can play a crucial role in maintaining the mental health. Try to include these foods in your daily diet to curb symptoms of  the depression.

1. Complex carbohydrates
these include foods that are very  rich in complex carbs in your diet like whole grains and brown rice. A lot of studies have shown that low carb diets have been linked to nervousness, anxiety, decreased concentration and insomnia.

2. Vitamin D
 A deficiency of this nutrient if often to be linked with mood swings and also depression. Add natural sources like Vitamin D like mushrooms, eggs and soy milk to your healthy  diet.

3. Antioxidants
 Antioxidants can also  helps in reducing the oxidative stress on your mental health. Berries and  other foods like cherries, grapes and dark leafy greens are your best bet.

4. Good quality proteins
 Protein are very in  rich foods are known to boost alertness. Some of them they contain an amino acid called tryptophan which helpsin  your body to make the mood boosting brain chemical, serotonin. Peas, beans, soya, lentils and paneer are very  good options and so are chicken and fish.

5. Protein rich foods

“Protein are  rich foods are known to boost alertness. Some of them they contain an amino acid called tryptophan which helps in  your  body to make the mood boosting brain chemical,called serotonin. For vegetarians peas, beans, soya, lentils and paneer are very  good sources of protein and non-vegetarians. They  should opt for lean meat and eggs,” says Dr. Anju Sood.

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