9 reasons you should have curd with every meal

9 reasons you should have curd with every meal

Curd or dahi has so many health benefits. There are some of the important health benefits.
Who does not  love curd? Be it with a yummy, steaming paratha or as chaas, curd is that often quite a staple in most of Indian households. But did you know this the versatile dish has a number of health benefits too? Yes, There are how curd helps you to stay healthy.
Helps improve digestion:
The nutrients which are present in curd are easily absorbed by your digestive system. Not only that, it also helps in absorbing these  nutrients from other food items that you have eaten. It can also be used along with the spicy food, as curd cools down and then neutralises the heat that these foods create. Pylori infections which is known to cause peptic alcers. 
Healthy for your heart:
In a day and  then the age where more and more young people are falling prey to heart disease, consuming curd can go a long way in maintaining a healthy heart. It can minimizes the risk of high blood pressure  and helps in reducing cholesterol level  by preventing the thickening of  the carotid arteries.
Great for those who are lactose intolerant:
Some people, those who cannot consume milk because they are lactose intolerent, and can be safely consume curd. It converts the lactose which is present in milk to the lactic acid, making it  was easier to digest. 
Good for your teeth and bones:
All  the dairy products are good for your bones, and then curd is no different. Like milk, curd has a huge  amount of phosphorous and also  calcium. It makes it beneficial for your healthy teeth and then bones as it helps to promote bone growth and  then makes your teeth stronger. Taking care of your bones is very essential if you want to avoid painful diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis in the future purpose.
Can be used as a skincare product:
 Some of the Nutrients like Vitamin E, zinc and also phosphorus etc. make the curd as a  natural skincare product and it is widely often used as an ingredient in the  homemade purposes. 
Helps get rid of dandruff:
But, curd can be a simple homemade solution .It has some  lactic acid which has so many anti-fungal properties. What more? Leave it for an hour, and wash properly with water. 
  Helps you lose weight:
Whenever there are some  nutritionists  which make a diet plan, the first thing they include is curd. The calcium  which present in it can  prevents your body from pumping more cortisol. Hormonal imbalance of  the cortisol is also responsible for a host of problems like obicity,  hypertension and  also cholesterol. you may also like to read about these foods that promise weight loss.
  Helps release stress and anxiety:
Being stressed can be wreck your health. Finding the best  ways to relax and rejuvenate is then imperative in today‚Äôs world. Along with these  other things, eating some curd can also and surely help. There are some natural remedies for stress.
All the useful  health benefits available  in the  curd  can make the food healthy item that for you and your family should be consumedin each and every day in your meal.

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  1. These are all really great tips! I want to consult my dermatologist however before I decide to implement them in my life.

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